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Up your ROM focuses on your own personal health goals through tailor-made flexibility services researched and studied by founder Antoinette Weatherley. With a decade of certified experience Antoinette knows the immediate implications muscular imbalance can have on your health so has made it her life-long mission to teach her clients of the importance in movement and posture correction. With client needs demonstrating an array of goals from competitive athletes to clients with prolonged posture correction needs, Antoinette gives her clients the time and unique assessment they need. Practice your Range of Motion in one of her bespoke services to see instant results in your health and wellbeing. 


Antoinette Weatherley

Flexibility Coach

I started with weight training and pole fitness which has led me to what I do today. It has made me realise the importance of movement, strength, and balance, I can't wait to share your journey with you and make a positive change in your life like it has mine. 


Muscle imbalances can cause poor posture, muscle tightness and can put you at risk of muscular injury.

Training regularly with muscular imbalances can impair your form and cause muscle soreness.

Common muscle imbalances are caused by a sedentary lifestyle. When you are seated for a large percentage of time, you can develop a characteristic pattern of certain muscles becoming tight or shortened.

If a muscle sits in a shortened position for a prolonged period if time, it will become tight, which really means it will become shorter than it is meant to be.

When a muscle is shorter than the optimal length, it not only affects the opposing muscle, but can have repercussions on the entire musculoskeletal system.


Imagine functional movements require the enlistment of multiple muscles if you're repetitively moving/lifting with these imbalances you will be at risk of injury.


What does Up your ROM do to counteract this problem?

With a regular stretching routine to help increase your Range Of Motion teamed up with a strengthening routine aimed at targeting your weakened areas.

Muscular Imbalances


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