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Bespoke Online Mobility Program

Online Coaching via Email & What’s app


Packages available:

3M all inclusive package £300

6M all inclusive package £550 (£50 total saving )

12M all inclusive package £950 (£250 total saving)

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Enter The Dragon

12 week Dragon Squat program

Time to slay the Dragon! In this 12-week mobility program, designed for either beginner or intermediate practitioners, we’ll target the areas that require more active range of motion and strength in order to nail this challenging movement.

All you need is a 1 hr 2x/week (guided practice) + 5 mins daily (personal practice) and some basic equipment (listed below).
*Note: Enter the Dragon is designed for those with stable joints. If you’re experiencing ongoing ankle, hip or knee issues, skip this and head straight to our Bespoke Online Coaching Packages.

Which one is best suited to you?

Beginners requirements: New to Dragon squats? Perfect! All you need to start

the Beginners program is time, access to the equipment below and,

most importantly, an open mind.

Intermediate requirements: Already progressing along your journey,

but want help taking your dragon to the next level?

If you’re experienced with pistol squats (both sides), 

Baby Dragon Squat and have a healthy and strong adduction and

external rotation, then this program is for you.

£80 Full Enter The Dragon Program, with 12 weeks of online coaching + weekly check in’s.

L/V/i Sit Program

This program is suited to all flexibility and strength levels, it’s packed full of regressions and progressions to easily have the tools at hand to take charge of your training.

This program is broken down into two routines, firstly compression strength & secondly upper body neuromuscular strength. With full descriptions, videos, voiceovers and images at your fingertips you will be on the right path to smashing this unique goal.

£50 Full L/V/i Sit Program, with 8 weeks of online coaching + weekly check in’s.

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